Admission Conditions


The EDBA is a high-level program, demanding for its participants, which requires pre-requisites:

  • Masters diploma (research Masters/ DEA, MBA…),
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in  key position /responsibility,
  • Being attracted by research as well as an idea of a subject of research,
  • Fluent comprehension of written English.


Application dates: March to September.

The EDBA applicants should propose an outline of their desired research subject in their application and be able to justify their interest in the chosen subject in a practical and theoretic way. This research plan will be refined thereafter. You can download an exemple of a research project below.

Example 1

Example 2


The nature of the EDBA requires a particular approach and applicants must possess the motivation to:

  • Work with scientific methods and models
  • Possess scientific and structured reasoning


The selection will take place in three parts:

  •  Duly completed registration documents
  • The presentation of a research subject in a 10-pages document
  • Upon pre-selection of the application, an interview will be held by a jury composed of  EDBA directors, a member of the faculty, and/or a graduate.

The jury will estimate the quality of the applicant based upon signs that he/she will be able to complete the chosen EDBA thesis.

What are the criteria to apply to the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) of Université Paris Dauphine-PSL ?
What is the jury's decision based upon to admit or reject an applicant?
Between professional experience, essays, and research project... Lionel Garreau , Co-director of the EDBA, tells you everything in the video below (or on Youtube).



Program tuition (from 2019): 35,000€ payable in 5 instalments:


  • October year 1: € 10,500
  • February year 2: € 7,000
  • June year 2: € 7,000
  • October year 2: € 7,000
  • March year 3: € 3,500


The cost of the EDBA includes  seminars,  catering,  pedagogical texts,  supervision by a Research Director, and the organization of a scientific defense at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, as well as access to the Université Paris-Dauphine library and digital resources for the 3 years of the program.  

The tuition for an optional fourth year is €2,000. Upon project progress, a fifth year can be envisaged for €4,000.