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CHEN Huiyi, Empirical study on factors influencing DIY mode of chinese consumers in home improvement, June 7th, 2016.

DONG Jingchun, Organizational evolution and strategic change of China construction machinery agent enterprises: Case study based on Shandong Junda Group, April 23rd, 2017.

FEI Shuhui, Research of causes and treatment mechanism of counterfeit and shoddy food in China, March 25th, 2016.

HONG Huanzhong, A conceptual model and core factors contributing to the sustainable development of China's enterprises, March 25th, 2016.

HUANG ChaoTung, TNC's multinational enterprises approach to globalized corporation performance practices :Research for cross-cultural management between western and China, March 2nd, 2016.

HUANG Wentao, Feasibility study for prevention of bribery crime, misappropriation crime of non-public servant by preventing property deviant behavior in non-SOEs - A case study of non-SOEs in Beijing, 2016.

JIANG Guanghua, Research on influencing factors and appraisal system of clean development capacity in coal enterprise, March 25th,2016.

LEE Elizabeth, Research on Financial leasing mode for the stock of infrastructure in China, March 25th, 2016.

LI QingChun, Research on revenue management modes of construction entities in engineering projects, July 29th,2017.

LIN Yi, Characteristics of management innovation in chinese enterprises in the internet age: A multi-case empirical study, March 25th, 2016.

LU Chin-Huo, Case study on leadership development from identity construction view: Taking the Lionet plan of Wowprime Group as an example, July 2nd,2017.

MIAO Handong, How to better adapt the flat organization into chinese culture environment ? The case of five different organizations in China, July 2nd, 2017.

SHI Jinshan, Schematic research on China's infrastructure leasing asset private placement securitization, March 18th,2016.

SUN Shenlin, Study on the functioning mechanism of real estate related diversification on enterprise performance, March 25th, 2016.

TONG Zhiying, Study on the TMT shared mental model of private enterprise and mechanism of team performance, January 11th, 2017.

WANG Kui, Emergent Organizational Change Process: HSH Electrochemical Company of Hanjiang Group, 27th March, 2015.

WANG Wei, Research on the relationship between customer knowledge management and innovation capability- The case of architectural design enterprises in China, 22nd April, 2017.

WOO Kok Lian, Innovation in Financial Services: Comparative case-studies of two large commercial banks in China, 25th March 2016.

WU Xiao, Research on Strategic Family Enterprises —a Case Study Based on Real Estate Enterprises in Hainan, 2nd July 2017.

XIA Xiang, Research on the effects of CEO's managerial cognition on the strategic choice of pharmaceutical enterprises- The case of four Pharmaceutical enterprises in China, 23rd April 2017.

XIANG Chaoyu, The study of the influencing factors of SME's financing modes under the backdrop of internet finance, 17th June 2016.

YU Dexiang, Business model innovation of the electric vehicle industry: The case study of "Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co, Ltd", 25th March 2016.

ZHANG Min, Study on the credit risk management mechanism of chinese microfinance companies based on the assymetric information theory, 23rd April 2017.

ZHANG Yongsen, An empirical research of relationship between brand and enterprise sustainable development- The case of five manufacturing SME's in China 25th March 2016.

ZHAO Donghui, Empirical analysis and examination of executive compensation incentive mechanism in chinese listed companies- From the perspective of compensation determinants, 25th March 2016.

ZHU HuaDong, Research on the Relationship between supply chain control tower and enterprise performance in machinery manufacturing industry, 10th November 2017.

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