CEM Research

The Center for Engaged Management Research Dauphine (CEMR Dauphine) was co-founded by alumni and the two academic co-directors of the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) at the Université Paris Dauphine-PSL (www.edba.dauphine.fr). 
In this doctoral program, the combination of a privileged access to the field and a solid academic background demonstrates that it is possible to generate scientific contributions using innovative approaches, with concrete benefits for organizations and with real prospects for publication.
At the end of their training, some EDBA graduates develop their notoriety and that of the projects resulting from their work, whether academic (publication of articles and books), managerial and/or entrepreneurial.
The CEMR Dauphine aims to propose to all EDBA graduates of the Université Paris Dauphine-PSL to facilitate the continuation and the influence of their work. In particular to :

  • Enable graduates who are practitioner-researchers to have an affiliation in order to publish and continue to participate in the world of research.
  • Relay research work, publications, pedagogical tools and contribute to the influence of EDBAs.
  • Allow a better recognition of the work of EDBA participants.
  • Nurture and foster mentoring between new participants and EDBA graduates.
  • Encourage cross-fertilized and fruitful exchanges through the animation of the EDBA network,
  • Ensure the representation of its members to the EDBA program directors,
  • Contribute to the development of EDBA's image, the evolution of its pedagogy, its promotion and its financing.
  • More generally, carry out all actions likely to bring together EDBA alumni, the world of practice and that of academic research, by any means at its convenience, alone or in synergy with the EDBA Paris Dauphine program.

The CEMR Dauphine aims to gradually become a scientific pole of reference in the perspective of the "Engaged Management Scholarship" and "Evidence Based Management" research movements, which insist in particular on the importance of putting practitioners and researchers in touch with each other, in order to conduct relevant research, because it is better anchored in the social reality of management. 
As such, CEMR Dauphine aims to be the French reference brick for the EDBA Council (www.edba.org) and its annual conference "Engaged Management Scholarship", which brings together around 200 EDBA graduates and their professors.

Already, many of the graduate practitioners and researchers of the Paris Dauphine EDBA program are already shining through their research work. 

Click here to discover a few examples of the career paths of practitioner-researchers...


The CEMR Dauphine is an association under the law of 1901 created in March 2020. The Association is managed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee in charge of proposing strategic orientations and various action plans.

The current members of the Board of Directors are
- Mrs. Isabelle Bouty: Ex-officio Member
- Mrs. Alice Coatalem: Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee
- Mrs. Anne-Sophie de Gabriac: President and Member of the Executive Committee
- Mr. Lionel Garreau: Ex-officio Member 
- Mr. Patrick Luciano: Secretary and Member of the Executive Committee
- Mr. Guido de Palma: Vice-President and Member of the Executive Committee
- Mrs. Tali Ramon: Vice-President and Member of the Executive Committee


To become an individual member, you must be an active participant or graduate of the EDBA Paris Dauphine-PSL program.
The year 2021 will be the year of the launch of the association's activities and the call for annual membership fees, currently set at 150 euros.